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Self-Care Products That Support Your Health

13 December 2022 by admin

Choosing the proper skin care products can be challenging when you don’t know where to start. Our bodies act like sponges for whatever we put on and into them. As a consumer, using a variety of good and ethical products for everyday use supports both your health and a less toxic environment for us all.

Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

The first step to finding products that are great for your skin is to find labels that are sustainable, recyclable, and free of harsh chemicals like parabens and sulfates. What you put on your body topically absorbs through your skin, so it’s important to choose the right ingredients for your skincare routines.

The second thing to consider when choosing your products is to look at the ingredient list and know the history of the ingredients being sourced. Buying products that use a range of local ingredients will likely suit your specific skin type versus products that are foreign or imported. Your environment affects your skin and the ingredients grown locally carry nutrients through the soil that cater to your specific environment. Knowing where and how each ingredient is sourced also creates a more ethical and earth- conscious way to shop. Not only does it support local businesses, it reduces your carbon footprint which you can feel great about.

The Three Most Important Skin Care Products

Knowing what to invest in product-wise is helpful on your hunt for the right natural products. In general, your skin likes clean organic sources of nutrients, which generally means the fewer products you use, the better. Knowing how your skin breathes and functions is part of treating it well for glowing skin you will love pampering.

The three most important skin care products to source naturally are a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. With all the toxins and pollution in the air, finding a cleanser that retains moisture for your skin type is important. Make sure your cleanser isn’t drying out your skin but leaves it feeling fresh and clean. This also opens up your pores ready for the right moisturizer to lock in essential hydration. Your moisturizer is an important part of helping your skin, especially your face, retain a glow hydrated feel. You may choose a different moisturizer for daytime and nighttime, but try to keep it in the same skincare line for consistent nutrition.

Sunscreen is a good idea in most climates to protect your skin from harmful UV rays that dehydrate your skin and increase the chance of wrinkles. Sunscreens are generally thicker than lotions and oils so you want to ensure that the product you choose is natural and organic as it will sit on your skin like a layer of protection all day.
Taking care of your health doesn’t need to be complicated when choosing the right skincare products. With a bit of research and knowing your specific skin type, you can find products that are healthy for you and the environment. Health-conscious, sustainable products are one way to maintain amazing healthy-looking skin.


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