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Meet Our Essentials

It’s time to reveal all the charm behind our products.
We sought out these overlooked unsung heroes and brought them center stage.

Welcoming this hidden gem that is the pillar to our luxurious fragrance; Patchouli a.k.a. Pogostemon cablin, from a sustainable farm in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The essential oil - coming from its leaves - smells heavy, earthy, woody, minty, leathery, and mossy. Well known for its grounding & balancing aromatherapy properties. An ideal pair for your confident, sophisticated, and charismatic self.

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Say hello to this energizer that adds sparkle to our products; Bergamot a.k.a. Citrus bergamia from South Italy. The essential oil - coming from its fruit peel - smells zesty, fresh, sparkling, vibrant, bitter, and spicy. It has been commonly used to enhance our mood and to alleviate stress and depression. A perfect match for your lively, dynamic, and full of energy personality.

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Make way for this understated, elegant, exotic beauty; Ylang Ylang a.k.a. Cananga Odorata from Madagascar. The essential oil - coming from its flowers - smells sweet, rich, fruity floral, and warm. It is famous for its relaxing effect, good for improving memory and thinking, and is also celebrated as an effective insect repellent. An impeccable companion for your alluring and radiant presence.

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Vetiver a.k.a Vetiveria zizanioides, mainly cultivated in Haiti and Indonesia. Vetiver essential oil smells earthy, woody, and slightly smoky warm notes. Vetiver is widely used for men’s perfumes, cosmetics, fragranced soap. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and regenerative properties. Ideal for relieving stress and calming of the nerves.  

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A sophisticated scent combining the calming benefits of sandalwood with the cocooning comfort of caramel and cocoa. This creamy woody fragrance will brighten up any room with its invigorating pepper and sage top notes, while creating an ambiance of soothing luxury. Sandalina smells sweet, vanilla like, woody.


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