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Our mother earth
deserves better.

Together, we can make it happen.

We are committed to creating the best product without harming the environment. We believe that we should always be kind and give back to nature.

Ethically sourced

We commit to sourcing all our essential oils through ethical and sustainable methods, partnering with the most reputable suppliers across the globe, such as Givaudan and Firmenich. Their approach to sourcing responsibly is in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Their commitments for ethical and responsible sourcing are as follows:

  • Sourcing ingredients at origin for transparency and traceability
  • Providing continuous improvement to secure supplies
  • Supporting the local communities by developing projects for education, health and nutrition
  • Good agriculture and production practices


*for essential oils and active ingredients

Made with essential oil

We choose the finest quality essential oils for their natural healing properties for our body, mind, and soul. We verify its sustainability by partnering with responsible suppliers who are committed to protecting the people and the planet.

Our partners ensure that our essential oils are at their optimum quality when harvested by providing technical and agricultural advice to local farmers.


No cruelty

Our Scientist do not conduct any internal testing on animals. 


Dermatologically tested

Our scientists adopt a mindful yet meticulous approach when formulating our products. Their series of rigorous tests, evaluate safety, quality, stability, and efficacy. Dermatologically tested means our products have been tested on human skin, using cumulative irritancy testing on human volunteers. We believe in designing formulas that are mindful yet effective on skin.


Plant derived

We use thoughtfully chosen, plant derived active ingredients and essential oils because nature is rich with an array of nutrients that our skin is familiar with, and will easily absorb. We infuse a good amount of these actives in our products to remain safe yet effective on the skin. We strive to create a unique aromatic and sensorial experience that is good for your well-being.


*for essential oils and active ingredients

Recyclable packaging

All our packaging materials are recyclable and reusable. We encourage all our customers to reuse and recycle it. We hope to make our world a better place for many generations to come.


It’s time for us to be the agents of change for a bigger purpose to the world. Start small, shall we?


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