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We are kind to the skin, kind to the world. We use plant-derived ingredients that are not only proven to benefit our skin, but also cultivated safely for a sustainable future.





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Rp 50.000
A moisturizing sanitizer that contains Immunoblend™ essential oil
Rp 135.000 Rp 150.000
An odor neutralizer and fabric refresher that contains Immunoblend™ essential oil
Rp 162.000 Rp 180.000
Gently formulated and enriched with antibacterial extracts for soft and hydrated hands
Rp 162.000 Rp 180.000
A unique blend of almond and squalane oil for a healthy glow.
Rp 182.250 Rp 202.500
A pH balanced body wash for all skin types
Rp 202.500 Rp 225.000
A fast absorbing body lotion to keep your skin soft and supple
Rp 225.000 Rp 250.000
Repair and nourish all hair types with our special blend of Safflower and Tsubaki Oil.
Rp 229.500 Rp 255.000
A pH balanced shampoo made for oily, sensitive scalps and thin hair to promote hair growth for a healthier scalp.
Rp 373.000
A clarifying blend of sensual patchouli and sparkling citrus

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