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5 Steps to Treat Oily Hair

11 July 2022 by admin

There is nothing more deflating than knowing your hair feels greasy. We know this can be a recurring problem for all hair types. That’s why we paired down a few simple steps to follow to figure out the root cause of your hair dilemmas. Start by choosing products that are 100% free of additional silicones, sulfates, and parabens, which keep your hair follicles from accumulating chemical by-products that lead to greasy-looking hair. 

We’ve gone one step further to help you put the pieces in place and say goodbye to greasy hair altogether. Here are our top 5 suggestions for creating a new doo and look for your hair.

  • Decrease the number of hair products you utilize, and if you must, only choose all-natural products. 
  • Wash your hair less often, but utilize a shampoo and conditioner formula that specifically caters to oily hair. 
  • Go easy on the amount of conditioner you use. Conditioners naturally have more hydration binding components which your hair doesn’t need if it’s producing a lot of oil.
  • Deep condition your hair with aloe vera which works to strip away excess oil or chemical build-up on your hair. 
  • Wash your hair methodically. Many people overuse their products and don’t completely rinse well enough to remove all shampoo. Place a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand and work it well into the scalp all over, and rinse thoroughly.

We hope these tips help you get to the root issues of your oily hair to create cleaner healthier-looking locks. We believe that every problem has a solution with a bit of extra knowledge and a regular self-care regime.


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